Family skincare Nov 18, 2021

A holistic wellbeing experience this winter

As the days get shorter and colder, families are spending more time at home and indoors. While home may be warm and cosy, cold air and central heating can dry out skin, making a moisturising routine more important than ever.

When it comes to brands, families look for products and ingredients they can trust. Around 80% of parents want to know about the ingredients in products they buy for their children.

Natural ingredients continue to rise in popularity with more new launches playing in the 98% natural ingredient space and as parents look for products that enhance their little one’s wellbeing. Application should be pleasurable and delicate and there are many solutions supporting sleep and comfort.

Families also seek smart value – easy to use products at accessible price points with a great product experience. That’s why Avon Care products are designed for all the family – gentle products from head to toe, combining the best, top quality ingredients to care for delicate baby skin. They are all dermatologist and paediatrician tested, allergy tested and hypoallergenic among others.

For example, our Avon Care Skin Defence Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion is formulated with vitamin E and anti-bacterial technology to help skin feel soft, smooth and protected. Or, if you’re struggling with stress, our Lavender Overnight Moisture Body Lotion includes lavender essential oil and vitamin E for 24 hour moisture.

More broadly, we’re continuing to see demand for high quality products with a sustainable agenda. More parents are also looking for opportunities to limit the environmental impact of baby products by considering alternatives for wipes or nappies (3% of all household waste in the UK is made up of nappies.) We’re seeing a lot of products in bigger economical sizes to reduce plastic consumption along with a move towards recycled materials in packaging and biodegradable wipes.

Caring for you and your family’s skin is about more than a single product or ingredient – it’s about a holistic wellbeing experience that protects the planet as well as families. Discover our collection of Avon Care family products for the whole family by finding Avon in your location here.