Brazil News | Oct 4, 2018

Avon Brazil celebrates the beauty of being a beauty entrepreneur

Brazilian Representative Roasana Tepedino

As one of the world’s largest direct selling sales companies, with an international network of micro-entrepreneurs, Avon has huge impact on the lives of millions of people around the world: women, men, and children. Avon Brazil recently commissioned a study to look at the social impact of being an Avon Representative.

The research, which included two thousand women, shows that the income from Avon’s direct sales helps to make the voice of the Avon Representative heard at home. According to the study, 74% of women said the income they earn is important for household bills. Over 63% say they rarely run out of money, thanks to their Avon earnings. With 39% of the Representatives surveyed getting their first paid activity with Avon, it’s clearly enormously important to the whole community.

Many Representatives surveyed value the flexibility Avon gives them, as this Representative explains, “Being a Representative allows me time to take care of my father, who is 92 years old and suffers from various health problems.” 65% say they can work and spend time with their children, whilst 44% say they have better working conditions as a Representative than previous occupations.

As well as the economic benefits, direct selling with Avon has a positive impact on women’s lives as a whole. Avon’s Promise to help end violence against women and girls, gives women the confidence to leave abusive relationships, as this Avon Representative remarks; “Avon did its part – the campaign against violence against women. I needed to do my part and leave the house.”

Finally, this research shows that Avon allows beauty entrepreneurs to dream big, with half of the Representatives crediting Avon with helping them discover new ways to conquer their dreams.