Italy News | Nov 9, 2018

Avon Italy introduces MyAvonApp, the game-changing Representative app

Italy introduces MyAvonApp

Avon Representatives in Italy are enjoying the benefits of an exciting new app called MyAvonApp, which gives them easy access to the information they need to run their beauty business, 24/7. In one click, she can check her balance, delivery and order status, access the online Brochure and place her order. Thanks to the new self-service app, Representatives will also get instant answers to their queries, making their businesses more streamlined.

More than 14,000 people have downloaded the MyAvonApp in Italy already. Features include:

  • Paying online
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Checking if a product is in stock
  • Seeing special offers
  • Accessing a comprehensive FAQ section
  • Chatting to an operator
  • Linking to Avon’s social networks

Before the MyAvonApp was introduced, these kind of queries made up around half of the calls the Avon Italy call centre received. Since introducing the app, the contact centre has seen 24% fewer calls, showing that Representatives are finding answer to their most common questions on the app. This makes running their business easier and simpler, and means the teams at the call centre have more time to answer more complex questions.

The tech team at Avon Italy will be adding more features to this new app soon, including training and social loyalty programmes.