Global News | Dec 10, 2018

Avon launches new K-beauty collection

Avon partners with Korean manufacturer to bring innovative formulas and authentic ingredients to customers

Avon today announced another step in its transformation with the introduction of iAts first K-beauty collection – a new and innovative range of products straight from Korea – the home of skincare innovation. The collection is being introduced in Russia before rolling out to other European markets in early 2019.

As part of Avon’s plans to embrace an open eco-system through new alliances to optimise manufacturing and distribution, the collection is developed in partnership with Korean innovation experts, Bonne, a leading developer and manufacturer of luxury beauty. This new product range is made in Korea using authentic formulas and ingredients, harnessing the high performance, wonderful texture and eye-catching designs that are iconic in K-beauty products.

The collection of masks and hand creams use top quality, cutting edge ingredients including Cica, Chaga mushrooms and Hydrogel. Avon’s Hydrogel masks are unlike many others on the market because they are free from mesh or nets that most products on the markets need to overcome ripping issues – making Avon’s product experience more luxurious and indulgent.

“Korean beauty is expected to hit $13.1 billion by 2020* – it’s the fourth largest skincare market in the world,” commented Louise Scott, Avon's Chief Scientific Officer. “Avon has a rich history in world-class innovation and when combined with something as on-trend as K-beauty and the digitisation of our business it’s exciting for our customers and Representatives. The K-beauty collection brings innovative formulas and authentic ingredients that we do not have anywhere else in our portfolio. It’s a thrilling evolution in our mission of making top quality products available to everyone.”

Avon is a global brand whose mission is to democratize beauty – giving women all over the world access to latest products. For over a century Avon has been bringing high quality, innovative and on-trend beauty at an accessible price point. Avon’s business model is fundamental to democratising beauty – Avon Representatives provide a personalised service whilst taking cutting-edge beauty to customers everywhere.

This programme marks the latest milestone in Avon’s transformation - working with third parties and rapidly delivering on-trend products to meet local market needs.


*Based on Euromonitor data