Global News | Nov 12, 2019

Introducing Maxima and Maxime, new premium fragrances to step up fragrance category

Introducing Maxima and Maxime

New collection designed by world-class perfumers to capture powerful essence of confidence and drive reappraisal of Avon’s fragrance category 

Inspired by the signature scents of the ancient past, Avon introduces Maxima & Maxime, a long-lasting duo of premium fragrances crafted to ignite the inner sparkle and confidence in the wearer.

Already a fragrance powerhouse, selling seven fragrances every second* across the world, Avon is bringing a distinctive, high quality proposal to the existing portfolio. Created by world-renowned perfumers Pascal Gaurin and Clément Gavarry, the new duo is designed to grow the fragrance category by encouraging customers to ‘trade up’ and experience a level of luxury that sparks a reassessment of Avon’s quality credentials.

The long-lasting blends of divine ingredients in Maxima and Maxime are inspired by the ancient power of the Gods.  Maxima harnesses shimmering and noble notes of Immortelle Flower, the bloom of eternity and Maxime boasts primordial notes of Olibanum, a rare, precious and divine ingredient first offered to praise the gods.

Clément Gavarry said: “I looked to the past – ancient traditions – classic ingredients and olfactive executions for inspiration. Throughout history, our past informs our present. Today it is no different. I enjoy creating with Avon because it’s truly impressive how well they listen to the desires of their customers and develop with those desires at the heart of each new product creation.”

To build the brand, a full digital campaign supports the launch utilizing the beautiful stand-out imagery and brand storytelling about igniting the power from within. Representing a significant potential opportunity to grow their businesses, Avon’s beauty entrepreneurs will be excited to share this content with their own customers and networks through the online content studio and their own mobile apps.

Tatiana Piccolo, Vice President Global Fragrance said: “Our world-class innovation capabilities have ensured that we have many fragrances to be proud of and Avon is undoubtedly a global fragrance powerhouse. Brand and quality perception are everything in fragrance, and with these premium new scents as part of our arsenal, we are striving to open up the brand to a wider audience and drive true reappraisal. These are superior fragrances that easily rival those at the top end of the market.”

To learn more or buy, find your local Avon website here.