Central Europe News | Jan 30, 2019

Avon’s J-Beauty-inspired skincare range, Mission

Avon’s J-Beauty-inspired skincare range, Mission

Mission, the new Japanese skincare range from Avon, has landed in Central Europe. The pilot launch for the premium collection is yet another example of Avon delivering on its fast-beauty strategy to bring the latest trends to customers through its six million Representatives worldwide. The skincare collection was piloted in response to growing customer demands for Asian-inspired skincare regimes and anti-ageing solutions, with the aim of helping Avon Representatives to successfully grow their businesses.

To aid the future launch in other markets, Avon has created a digital tool to support Reps in delivering a personal service to customers and equipping them with the knowledge and expertise they need to recommend and advise on skincare regimes, in turn helping them to build their businesses. With its vision of being the world’s leading digital social beauty company, embracing tools like these is a crucial step in Avon’s development. Digital training tools are set to positively enhance the success of Avon’s social beauty entrepreneurs around the world.

Asian beauty is big business across Europe and the new collection will complement Avon’s new Korean – or K-Beauty – range. While K-Beauty focuses on innovation such as jelly-like textures and a complex 10-step routine, Mission is inspired by the Japanese beauty – or J-Beauty – trend. J-Beauty is based on the simplicity of traditional, high-quality ingredients combined with innovative and proven technologies. 

Capitalising on the worldwide appreciation for glowing Japanese complexions, Mission combines advanced scientific technology with the power of natural ingredients. Manufactured in Japan using top quality actives and rich formulas, Mission offers customers the chance to buy in to traditional Japanese skincare rituals for effective, rejuvenating care. The four-step Mission regimen includes a cleanser, hydrating lotion, concentrated nourishing milk and protective face cream. An exclusive Carbo Therapy sheet face mask will also be available to enhance absorption of the nutrients contained in the rest of the line.

Mission includes Mission Y, the perfect range for women or men in their 30s experiencing the first signs of ageing such as fine lines, dehydrated and tired skin, and dullness. It also incorporates Mission Eclat, an advanced skincare solution for people in their 40s whose visible ageing signs include expression lines and wrinkles, and the loss of youthful glow, elasticity and density.