Move over retinol Jan 9, 2023

Move over retinol, there’s a new ingredient on the block

By Anthony Gonzalez, Head of Care at the Avon Innovation Centre

Thought retinol was the gold standard in skincare? For a long time, it was - retinol has been around for decades and has certainly proven itself to be one of the most powerful skin treatments out there. But we’ve developed something even better, something that’s taking our skincare to the next level. Meet Protinol™, it can smooth lines and firm skin even faster than formulas containing retinol*

How? Our exclusive, patented skincare ingredient that, unlike other topical treatments, boosts the two main types of collagen that are critical to the look and feel of healthy, strong skin. Protinol™ stimulates an increase in both Collagen I, the most common collagen in skin and collagen III, or ‘baby’ collagen as it’s affectionately termed. It brings the ratio of collagen I and III closer to that found in baby’s skin. The ratio of Collagen III to I decreases as we mature. This changing ratio is thought to contribute to the changing look and feel of skin over time.

In testing, we found that it not only provides amazing results on sagging, firming and wrinkles but it also can counteract inflammatory responses in skin, which means it isn’t only gentle on skin but can help balance out the things that may aggravate the skin. This is why Protinol™ is so exciting. It can help stimulate the production of better quality collagen, for benefits at a magnitude and speed we’ve never seen before, while also being kind to your skin.

Protinol™’s power is harnessed in our ANEW Power Serum, alongside Niacinamide, to deliver dramatically healthier, more beautiful looking skin for everyone. Protinol™ strengthens skin’s foundation by restoring collagen I and collagen III and Niacinamide which helps renew skin at the surface, promoting even skin tone, combating blemishes and reducing the appearance of large pores.

In our testing of ANEW Power Serum, on all types, tones and ages of skin, 100% of women showed results on multiple signs of ageing, proving the power of the breakthrough ingredient. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing something you’ve developed in the lab, be made accessible to everyone and knowing it’ll work for all.

Avon has been leading the way in skincare innovation for decades, but Protinol™ is so powerful it has potential to revolutionise the whole industry. I’ve worked in skincare for over twenty years and I can truly say Protinol is the most exciting discovery of my career.

*Based on a historical comparison of clinical testing results across internal Avon formulations containing retinol as compared to formulations containing ProtinolTM.