Global News | Nov 14, 2019

Opening access to bank accounts – and financial freedom

Bradesco Partnership

Half of women in Brazil do not have a bank account.  A new partnership between Avon and one of Brazil’s leading banks is setting out to change that.

Avon Brazil and Bradesco, a bank which is present in the vast majority of Brazilian cities, announced a partnership to offer exclusive financial solutions to Avon Representatives across the country.  Avon Representatives may now easily open a digital account through the bank’s app.

“For 130 years Avon has been committed to helping women earn and learn,” said Fábio Marchiori, Avon Brazil’s CFO.  “We want to continuously develop new products and tools to empower Avon Representatives and enable them to better manage their business.”

Since the partnership announcement, circa 25,000 Representatives have opened their bank accounts with Bradesco.  With this, they are now also able to access debit and credit cards, loans and card machines.

Besides, the partnership encompasses another important element – financial literacy. Individuals who own bank accounts are able to better plan and manage their income and expenses, save and invest their money.  From 2020, Bradesco will offer free online financial courses, exploring topics which go from finance control to responsible use of financial instruments.