Global News | Feb 28, 2019

A Perfectly Matte Nude lipstick for every skin tone

Perfectly Matte Nude lipstick for every skin tone

Avon has leveraged its extensive knowledge of skin tone diversity and curated the ultimate nude lip palette 


The Perfectly Matte Nude lip palette has been developed by Avon’s world-class trend experts and R&D team, with the help of 300 models. It aims to meet the needs of a broader range of skin tones, so that every woman can find ‘the one’.

Nude lipstick is an on-trend make-up bag staple; there are 500,000 Instragram posts tagged with #nudelip, and Avon sells one lipstick every eight seconds*. However, it is notoriously difficult to find the right nude for your skin tone.

By leveraging its knowledge of skin’s natural undertones and tone diversity across the world - built up over 130 years - Avon has been able to create the ultimate nude lip collection. The nine 100% matte, 100% comfortable lipsticks are Avon’s answer to helping women easily find the latest lip trends, in shades that suit them.

Avon’s experts spent four days with 300 models, perfectly matching the spectrum of lipsticks to their skin tones. From peachy pinks and warm suedes to caramel hues and rich, burnished browns, the collection has been designed to span all skin tones, from the palest to the darkest.

Lisa Garofano, Avon’s Head of Colour and Consumer Product Design, said: “Nude lipstick is Avon’s most popular lip shade but finding one that flatters your skin tone is key. Not only have we leveraged our extensive knowledge to create this exciting palette of nudes, but the highly-pigmented formula offers matte colour and long-lasting wear with an ultra-light feel - there’s no compromise on performance and quality.” 

The velvety formula is ultra-light, will not cake or crack, and perfectly defines and shades the lips to help modern women be the best version of themselves, whatever their skin tone.


* Based on UK sales of True Colour Lipstick & Matte Lipstick only (Core Brochure, inline sales at discounted price) from 2016-2018