Plastic is pretty ugly Aug 15, 2021

Plastic is pretty ugly

Plastic is pretty ugly

It can feel like plastic is everywhere – single use plastic is in many everyday products, making it difficult to avoid.

As awareness of the impact of plastic increases, many brands are responding by minimising the amount of packaging and waste in their operations and product. At Avon, we’ve taken action to reduce packaging content – for example, our Care and Senses 750ml and 720ml bottles now use 18% less plastic than they did previously.

Cutting the amount of plastic used is not just about reduction, however. That’s why our Distillery range uses environmentally-conscious packaging such as glass tubs and aluminium lids, which are more sustainable than plastic.

Ultimately, by 2030 our goal is for 100% of our packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable worldwide – so that whichever product you use not only makes you feel beautiful, but helps make our planet beautiful too. Learn more about our Commitment to Life, including our environmental goals, here. .