Global News | Apr 1, 2020

“We cover our mouths, but open our hearts”: Avon Poland donates seven tonnes of hygiene products to emergency services

Donation of Avon’s hygiene products so desperately needed by people on the front line.

It took just three days for Avon in Poland to come up with a plan to help local emergency services deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Having spoken to the Mayor of Garwolin, the team decided to donate Avon’s hygiene products so desperately needed by people on the front line. Mobilising a core team consisting of the Factory Director, the local leadership team and the communications department, they were able to donate seven tonnes of product including soaps, shampoos and pre-purchased antibacterial gel. Half of these products were donated to the Poviat Hospital in Garwolin, the Poviat State Fire Service City Hall and Municipal Social Assistance Center in Garwolin. The remaining product was delivered to the Provincial Infectious Hospital SPZOZ in Warsaw – an institution working tirelessly to fight the spread of infection. More antibacterial gels will also go to local hospitals in the area.

The Garwolin team really went the extra mile by delivering these products personally by using their own cars.

Adam Sikorski, HR Manager, said, “I am truly proud of our organisation and the people who make it up. From how we change and how we can unite to achieve our goals. Since we are an agile organization (as it turned out physically also :)) we packed everything with our own hands, saving the necessary time and transport after an hour was already ready for further distribution, among others for the Hospital and Fire Brigade. Thank you for working with you. You are unique Avon Garwolin.”