Global News | May 21, 2020

Facing up to reality: cross functional Avon team produces one million face masks in response to global need

Production of one million face masks

A cross functional team made up of representation from New Product Development (NPD), Product Integrity, Sourcing, Regulation Regulatory Affairs, Logistics, as well as local marketing teams, has raced against the clock to produce close to one million face masks. The team has worked tirelessly, working over weekends and conducting critical calls with suppliers in the middle of the night, to produce masks that are required by law in many Avon locations such as the US where Avon’s R&D facility is based, and is highly recommended in others. The masks are now ready to be shipped to Avon markets including Russia, South Africa, the UK, Poland and Romania, and will be offered to both associates and Representatives to help keep them their communities safe.

In the UK at the moment, wearing a face covering is recommended where social distancing isn’t possible and as such, the team there has been working to launch masks as part of Avon’s June campaign. Every Representative and associate will be gifted one mask and the team will also be supporting its local charity partners by donating £250,000 (US$30,000) of estimated profit from the sales of the masks. As the masks have been designed to be both washable and reusable, associates are able to reuse the masks and as a result there is also a significant decrease in waste.

Working closely with Avon’s scientists, the team has also been considering the possible change in skincare regimes as a result of wearing masks. With a focus on micellar and CBD products, a shoot is currently in production with new imagery for a campaign expected to be launched later in May.

The team are now looking at producing trend-led decorative options for the face masks, as well as washable gloves.