Veganuary Jan 11, 2022

Eco-conscious skincare this January

For many, January is a time to make resolutions or try out more ethical ways of living. If you’re trying Veganuary – or if you’re just curious about vegan products and want to learn more – this is a perfect time to try out our Distillery range.

We believe beauty is about more than an external look – beauty is within, and that includes our products. When it comes to being conscious about what you put on your skin, everyone has their own beauty ‘standards’ and increasingly this includes vegan products, as consumers look for products that align with their values. This trend aligns with a broader movement of actively seeking out more environmentally and sustainable options, wanting to leave the world better than they found it.

That’s what our Distillery collection is all about. The vegan Distillery products celebrate clean beauty without compromise by offering pure, potent formulas that deliver powerful results. They’ve been formulated using only the ingredients that you really need; no fillers. The collection comprises luxurious skincare products, a beautiful make-up collection and the newest addition, our CBD Batch 420 Elixir. The collection proudly wears its trademark logo from the Vegan Society.

Building into our commitment to sustainability, we’ve focused on conscious development – considering the intention in every single detail – from the ingredient list to the packaging. For Distillery, that means focusing on efficacy, only using what we need (the majority of the collection is even 100% waterless) and using eco-conscious glass and aluminium where we can for packaging to create potent skincare and make up formulas that offer premium performance but are also vegan, eco-conscious and beautiful.

What could be better than knowing that the beauty products we choose to buy, and put on our face, give great results without us having to compromise our values? Together, by embracing the idea of conscious development, beauty brands the world over can help make the future, even if it’s just tomorrow, a little more positive.