Smashing stereotypes Aug 31, 2021

Smashing stereotypes in Ukraine

Smashing stereotypes in Ukraine

In 2020, Avon Ukraine and Kantar conducted the first national research into fully understanding Ukrainian women, including their dreams hopes and how they balance work and family life.

The research highlighted the sheer number of negative stereotypes around women, with 79% of women reporting being stereotyped. Only 39% of women felt they could fully meet their potential.

In response, Avon launched the initiative “Avon Against Stereotypes|, which aims to tackle stereotypes and inspire women to achieve their potential.

As part of the initiative, Avon commissioned Ukrainian contemporary artist and sculptor ANi Svami / Anna Naduda to create the “NOVA” sculpture to inspire millions of women to fulfill themselves despite any stereotypes and hindrances.

At the unveiling event, which included celebrities, bloggers and political representatives, guests symbolically smashed the sculpture’s external panels displaying stereotypes.

“Creating the NOVA sculpture in the very heart of Kyiv is a milestone in helping Ukrainian women overcome archaic gender stereotypes and becoming the best they can be. We know that a woman who does not feel forced to choose between her family and her professional dreams will feel more complete and fulfilled. We want to reach and inspire every Ukrainian woman with this project,” said Vladimir Nefedov, Head of Marketing, Ukraine and Georgia.