Global News | Mar 8, 2018

Avon Launches Music Video with Icona Pop to Celebrate the Courage of Women

Avon Launches Music Video to Celebrate the Courage of Women

International Women’s Day: Around the world, millions of girls are still unable to fulfil their dreams due to economic, social and political barriers. Yet despite this difficult reality, many are breaking down boundaries, shattering stereotypes and standing up for their causes. On this International Women’s Day, Avon celebrates young female changemakers through the #Stand4Her movement, which includes a music video in addition to a website that features the success stories and personal causes of fearless young women from several countries.

Recorded in Stockholm by Swedish electro-pop duo Icona Pop, formed by Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, the “All My Girls” music video was inspired by stories of courage featured in the #Stand4Her movement. The video serves as a message of encouragement and as a tribute to these fearless girls who are promoting social change. The video will be available on the website, along with the stories of these young social entrepreneurs, writers, athletes and artists. These are stories from amazing women like Evelina Cabrera, a 31-year-old Argentinian who grew up in poverty and became a soccer coach and founder of the Argentinian Women's Football Association (AFFAR) and Buenos Aires’ first-ever blind women’s soccer team. Or MC Soffia, a 13-year-old Brazilian rapper who has gained fame by tackling racism in her lyrics and helping black youths to stand up for their rights.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Avon to send such a strong message to all girls out there. As female artists, we have faced difficult moments throughout our careers and standing up for each other has always been very important. We want our song to empower girls to chase their dreams and to encourage other women to do the same,” says Caroline. “It’s very empowering to see what the girls from the #Stand4Her movement are doing for society.


With six million Independent Sales Representatives, and as one of the biggest corporate supporters focused on female causes, Avon is more than a beauty company – it’s a global network of women. Since 1886, Avon has been empowering women to live on their own terms by offering them an alternative to achieve economic independence at a time where they were not even able to vote in most of the countries. #Stand4Her is another step in the company’s mission of inspiring and creating a world with more empowered women.

“We want girls and young women to know that they have the right to dream higher, and they are not alone. Supporting women is supporting a better future. This campaign brings our mission as a company to life, which is creating a world with more empowered women. And a world with more empowered women is a more beautiful world,” Danielle concludes.

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