Standing with our family in Ukraine Sep 21, 2022

Standing with our family in Ukraine

In response to the war in Ukraine, our primary concern has been with the protection and safety of our associates and Representatives facing violence and loss.

We’re helping our people on the ground, and are working with organisations providing humanitarian relief such as the Red Cross and local NGOs by donating both funds and personal care products for refugees.

We have provided financial and logistical support to our associates, including maintaining salaries and providing additional hardship funds, and secured earnings for our Sales Leaders and Area Managers.

Communities in neighbouring countries continue to take actions to help, such as offering shelter to refugees, getting supplies to the borders and participating in peaceful protests.

Following the initial suspension of operations, we have been able to start serving our Ukraine Representatives again, helping them to get their businesses up and running. Our direct selling model is crucial in times when economies are under strain and opens up opportunities for economic participation and connection for individuals and communities.

We continue to support and stand by our Communities in Ukraine as the situation unfolds.