Sustainable Beauty Choices Nov 9, 2021

How can we make sustainable beauty choices?

We want to help our Representatives and customers make more sustainable choices, and we're on that journey too. We're proud to be part of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition's Planet Positive Beauty Guide so we can all make greener beauty choices.

Find out more from Natalie Deacon, our Head of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.


Right now wherever you look, whatever you read, whoever you speak with, sustainability is on the agenda. Never before have we all felt such a responsibility to make choices in our daily lives that positively impact our planet and its people. This comes to the choices we make in our shopping habits and our beauty regimes too.

But making sustainable choices can feel confusing and overwhelming. Complicated terminology and complex implications of our actions can make it difficult to be confident that we are taking meaningful action. For example, we might want to recycle, but not if our recycling materials are going to be shipped to other countries to become landfill; or we might want to switch from plastic containers, but not if the alternative has a higher carbon footprint. It’s not always simple and there are rarely perfect choices.

We know our customers and our Avon Representatives want to feel confident in the choices they are making – whether that’s shopping for their beauty must-haves or running their beauty business.

That’s why we’re proud to be part of the Planet Positive Beauty Guide, created by the Sustainable Beauty Coalition. Together with experts across the industry, we’re decoding the jargon and with straightforward descriptions of the terms most often used in the world of beauty around sustainability.

There are four straightforward sections to the guide to make help us all make better choices; ingredients, packaging, people and sustainable sourcing.

We believe that business should be a force for good, which is why it’s so fantastic that this is a truly collaborative guide. Personally, I hope that this guide is just the start of the industry doing more together to help make more sustainable choices. We’re on a journey, all of us, I’m excited for how we will get there. There are not always perfect choices when it comes to sustainability – but we’re seeking progress over perfection as we work towards ambitious goals to make a positive impact on our planet and its people.

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