Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream Apr 17, 2023

The eye cream: The necessity you didn’t know you needed… until now!

What’s your story? You know the saying…  your eyes are the window to your soul. Now we ask you to delve deep and keep it real when we ask - If your eyes could speak, what would they say about you?

Would they sparkle with the mischievousness of your youth or boast laugh lines that show your zest for life? Would dark circles tell tales of sleepless nights caring for loved ones or burning the midnight oil working or studying? Would fine lines and wrinkles be a happy sign of a life well-lived with years of experience or a visceral sigh at the realisation you’ve let life pass by? Would puffiness just be genes you can’t avoid or the after-effects of a broken heart? You get the picture. Your eyes speak volumes without you having to say a word… so isn’t it time you gave them a helping hand?

How, you ask? The often overlooked but undeniably necessary skincare staple - the eye cream, of course.

Is it a need, want or nice-to-have? Let’s play a little game and find out.

Do your eyes deceive you?

Experiment #1: Thinning Touch the skin on your cheeks and then your eyes. What do you notice? Chances are you’ve picked up that the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face. You’re not imagining it. It does have less fat, making it more delicate, susceptible to dryness, and prone to damage.

Experiment #2: Wrinkles Count how many times you blink, smile, frown and tear up over allergies in a day. Now think about which part of your anatomy is affected by all these simple actions. You guessed it… your eyes. The result: Crow’s feet, aka, wrinkles around your eyes… and it’s due to collagen breakdown that comes with age, which in turn affects your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Experiment #3: Puffiness Put on a tug-at-your-heartstrings type of movie that makes you ball your eyes out… or just take notice of how puffy your eyes are after a super emo day. This kind of puffiness is caused by fluid build-up. Another cause of puffiness is ageing. As we get older, our skin produces less collagen (a type of structural protein found in our skin that helps give it firmness, strength and elasticity), causing sagging. We also experience muscle deterioration that causes the surrounding tissues to weaken and under-eye bags to appear. Throw in high-salt diets, bad genes and certain illnesses, and you’re left with puffy eyes that cling to you like a leech.

A short-term solution: slice some cucumbers, place it over your eyes, put your feet up and relax. It will help reduce some of the inflammation.

Read on for a more long-term solution.

Experiment #4: Dark circles Pull an all-nighter and binge-watch on your favourite Netflix series (obviously on a Friday night when you don’t have work the next day!) and take a look in the mirror. Yup, hello dark circles… the most common cause being sleep deprivation!

Another cause is ageing. Due to collagen and fat loss in your eye area, the blood vessels beneath your skin’s surface become more visible, causing dark shadows under your eyes. Other causes are genetics and even sun damage, to name a few.

With that said, you can appreciate that your eyes have been going through the most… so instead of crying over spilt milk, live the famous saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, and give your eyes a little more TLC.

Help is on the way

Cue… the eye cream.

It may look, smell and feel like a normal moisturiser, but eye creams are made specially for the sensitive skin around your eyes. They’re formulated with active ingredients that target specific skin concerns like signs of ageing, dark circles and puffiness; and moisturisers that help soothe dry skin and improve elasticity.

Now, traditionally, retinol, an ingredient known for its collagen-stimulating benefits, was the go-to if you wanted to reduce lines and wrinkles. But we changed that narrative with our exclusive, award-winning, patented, anti-ageing skincare innovation - Protinol™ Technology* that’s proven to help smooth lines and give skin a firmer look even faster than formulas containing retinol**.

So what exactly does Protinol™ technology do? Put simply, it gives your skin a dual-collagen boost. We’re talking Collagen I and Collagen III - the secret to your skin’s strength, health and baby-like bounce.

In testing, Anthony Gonzalez, Head of Care at the Avon Innovation Centre, found that: “Protinol not only provides amazing results on sagging, firming and wrinkles but it is also gentle on skin and can help balance out the things that may aggravate the skin.” Another reason why he finds Protinol™ Technology so exciting is that: “it can help stimulate the production of better-quality collagen, for benefits at a magnitude and speed we’ve never seen before, while also being kind to your skin.”

Make the right choice

Wondering where you can find this elixir of youth? Meet Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream - in our humble opinion… the best anti-ageing eye cream to help restore younger-looking eyes instantly. Sounds a little too hard to believe? It’s not! Here’s why.

Thanks to the infusion of Protinol™ Technology that helps restore the look of years of collagen loss; and our Light Diffusion Technology that optically reflects light away from imperfections - this eye cream helps to instantly blur and brighten the look of your entire eye area***; leave the skin around your eyes looking less puffy, fresh and well rested***; and dramatically smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles; whilst intensely hydrating too***.

Unlike other eye creams that feel heavy and leave behind a residue, this eye cream feels lightweight and absorbs easily.

Trust us when we say… the benefits are endless and we’ve got a feeling… your skincare game is about to meet its match. Follow the steps below and revel in the results.

Find the right skincare routine for you

Purify your skin: Cleanse your skin every morning and night using a gentle face wash and warm water. This will help remove any dirt, make-up and pollutants on your skin’s surface that cause it to appear more aged. A clean slate also helps subsequent products to absorb more easily.

Treat with your eye cream: Dot half a pea-sized amount of the cream around the eye contour area, above and below the eyes. Massage it in with the specially designed applicator, using a light and outward sweeping motion.

Double up on the good stuff: This eye cream pairs perfectly with Anew Renewal Power Serum as it also contains Protinol™ Technology. Massage one pump of the face serum all over your face and neck after using the eye cream to give you 7 powerful age-defying benefits in 7 days****. We’re talking… smoother-looking skin, intense hydration, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a firmer look, increased radiance, stronger and more youthful-looking skin****.

Complete your routine: Follow with your Anew day or night moisturiser.

There you have it. We’ve shed some light, debunked the myths and opened your eyes to the age-defying benefits of investing in an eye cream. Isn’t it time to put it to the test?

*Protinol Technology is one of Avon's many skincare breakthroughs. With 135 years at the forefront of beauty, it's also the first beauty company to use stabilised retinol and introduce stabilised vitamin C in serums **Based on a historical comparison of clinical testing results across internal Avon formulations containing retinol as compared to formulations containing ProtinolTM. ***Based on a consumer science claim ****Based on those that expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study