Global News | Oct 29, 2019

Try on new 16-hour wear lipstick shades with innovative augmented reality tool

Power Stay Matte Lip Colour

Customers are having fun using a new augmented (AR) reality tool to help them choose their favourite shade of new Avon True Power Stay 16-Hour Matte Lip Colour by trying it on before they buy.

The new transfer-resistant, pigment-packed Power Stay Lip is available in 10 vibrant on-trend shades and stays put all day long. As well as superior performance Avon’s customers can now enjoy a fun, simple experience online to test out each shade.

The innovative technology allowing customers to ‘try before they buy’ is currently available to customers in the UK and South Africa. By offering a fun, sharable experience in the virtual online space, Avon is opening up access to its brand and helping customers feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

With the launch of the new, high-tech Power Stay collection, Avon is tapping into a huge demand for long-lasting makeup. As well as the lip colour, True Power Stay 24 Hour Foundation has also been launched, giving a ‘just applied look’ from day into night. “Consumers want fun, but fuss free beauty,” explains Glen Anderson, Executive Director Colour Product Development. “Products need to deliver premium results but also be easy to use and wear. We’ve leveraged our innovation capabilities to make sure our customers have make-up that can truly keep up with them; life-proof without any trade-offs.”

The exciting AR technology to try on the lip shades offers an enhanced shopping experience and it’s hoped that the entertaining experience of trying on the lipstick shades will help Avon’s millions-strong network of Representatives build their businesses. “Representatives will able to share the tool with their customers,” adds Anthony Wells, Vice President Global Colour. “We’re passionate about bringing world-class beauty to everyone and tools like this make it easier because it’s a great way to open up a fun conversation and make sure the customer is delighted with her beauty choice and her experience.”

By embedding the AR tool in its own website, the brand has ensured that the try-before-you-buy journey is seamless and will effectively move consumers from a delightful exploration of lipstick shade options to connecting with an Avon Representative online to buy. Anthony concludes: “We look forward to seeing the results and listening to the feedback from the UK and South Africa and then evaluating how we can explode this technology’s potential to open up Avon everywhere.” 

To learn more or shop the new Power Stay collection, find your local Avon website here.