Our hearts are with you Feb 23, 2023

Turkiye and Syria, our hearts are with you

As we continue to hear tragic news after the earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria, our hearts remain broken. Every day, we hear more stories of loss, of grief, of devastation. My deepest sympathies are with everyone who has been affected or who is worried about loved ones.

Tragically, 148 Avon Representatives have passed away with their families. We feel their loss deeply.

In times of such pain and tragedy, I take hope in seeing people come together – not just in Turkiye, but across the world. Avon Turkiye has been in close contact with colleagues in the affected region, and has provided direct support to our Representatives, including food, heating and hygiene products.

Further, I’m proud to say that the Avon Foundation and Natura &Co are making a donation to two NGOs in Turkiye: Kamer and the Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkiye, which support women directly in the affected region with food, warm blankets and clothes, and psychological support.

I want to thank everyone who has donated money, goods or time to help those affected by the earthquakes. The tragedy is beyond words, and we will continue to support our teams on the ground as well as send our thoughts and prayers to all affected.