Ultra Lipstick Apr 6, 2021

Ultra: Our No.1 lipstick just got even better

Ultra Lipstick

As the seasons change and summer beckons for the northern hemisphere, it’s time to embrace a bright, colourful look to match the weather – and what better way to do that than with a swish of lipstick?

Our Ultra Lipstick range has long been a firm beauty favorite, with one sold every second globally. Thought it couldn’t get any better? Hell yeah it can!

We have reinvented our number one lipstick for richer colour and creamier comfort, across the 60 best-selling shades. Because lipstick means so much more than just make up – it’s an empowering declaration that can make you feel more confident and bring out the ultra you! In what’s been a challenging year, we all need a little boost.

The upgraded formula boasts an exclusive blend of nourishing oils including avocado oil, to ensure ultra moisturisation – giving you all the colour and none of the dryness. It also includes a mouth-watering new fragrance, mocha crème, for a deliciously comforting scent.

Beyond the new formula, the lipstick now comes in a modern and sophisticated bullet shape for enhanced application, making it easier to achieve precision of velvety matte or divinely creamy finishes.

Mad about matte?

For those who love a 100% matte finish, the 30 shades of new Ultra Matte Lipstick offer true and intense coloring in one easy application.

Crazy for cream?

If you prefer gorgeously creamy lips, try new Ultra Creamy Lipstick – 30 shades of creamy perfection to choose from, each giving you a smooth, hydrated finish that won’t crack.

Ready to get your lipstick out? Hell yeah! To find out more or buy new Ultra Lipstick check out your local Avon website here.