Brazil News | Jul 8, 2019

Avon Brazil removes barriers to entry for women in supply chain

Removing barriers to entry for women in supply chain

Avon Brazil has trained fourteen female associates to operate forklift trucks as part of a drive to increase women’s participation in key supply chain operational roles.

The manufacturing management team developed the forklift operator training after Avon Brazil identified a low representation of women in these roles. Around the same time, an external Women in Manufacturing Study highlighted a perceived lack of promotion opportunities for females in manufacturing globally.

To challenge gender stereotypes, Avon Brazil invited female associates to participate in focus groups designed to help senior management understand women’s career aspirations and perceived barriers to taking on operational roles. The focus groups revealed that women at Avon Brazil felt that certain development, training and job opportunities were only suitable for male colleagues.

As forklift operator roles were held solely by male associates at the time, the manufacturing management team developed a forklift training session for women which proved highly popular. The training was – and continues to be – so successful that Avon Brazil now has female associates in the pipeline waiting to fill forklift operator roles as they become available.

The good-news story was shared in Avon’s latest Responsible Business Report, The Beauty of Doing Good , which details the business’s commitment to operating responsibly. The report announced that in 2017, 59% of Avon’s 2017 global workforce and 45% of the Avon Board of Directors were women.

“Across Avon, our Global Women’s Strategy (GWS) means we are aiming to be the preeminent employer for women worldwide. We want to improve the representation of women at all levels and in all areas, and this is an excellent example of the work being done to achieve this.”

José Vicente Marino, General Manager at Avon Brazil

Since 1886, Avon’s core goal has been to support women and provide an opportunity to succeed in their own way, on their own terms. This is still true today as Avon continues to drive change for women’s economic participation, build a movement of female entrepreneurs, advance women in its workforce and support women’s causes.

Avon is far more than just a beauty brand – it’s a global movement with the clear purpose of empowering women and making a difference in people’s lives. Female economic participation in the workforce remains below that of men, but Avon is agent of change. We will challenge ingrained barriers and open up opportunities.”

Jan Zijderveld, Avon’s Chief Executive Officer