We expect our factories, manufacturers, vendors or agents (“suppliers”) to act responsibly in all respects and to do their utmost to ensure that no abusive, exploitative or illegal conditions exist at their factories’ workplaces.

We require suppliers to act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the standards set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Where local or industry practices differ from the requirements of the Code, the higher standard applies.

Supplier code of conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forward our minimum expectations of suppliers throughout facilities where Avon products are manufactured. It helps ensure compliance with applicable local laws and regulations, as well as alignment with our internal standards regarding product safety and quality, environmental performance and human rights. The Code forms part of our contractual agreements with suppliers and acceptance of its terms are a pre-requisite of use of our online supplier master system. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is available in the following languages:

For our statement on slavery and human trafficking click here  > >

Social responsibility guidebook for suppliers

We provide all suppliers with the following Social Responsibility Guidebook for Suppliers, which includes information on our corporate responsibility programme and related sourcing policies. The guidebook outlines suppliers' responsibilities enabling them to assess their policies and practices and to make improvements as needed.