Celebrating the Global Scholarship Programme Class of 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to lifelong learning, the Avon Foundation for Women awards academic scholarships to our beauty entrepreneurs and their families.

2019 marks a particularly special year for the global scholarship programme because the Avon Foundation doubled its investment in educational grants to nearly $400,000.

This meant that in 2019, nearly 200 Representatives in over 20 countries were able to successfully apply for scholarship grants for themselves, or their children or grandchildren.

Congratulations to the Global Scholarship programme Class of 2019, we wish you tremendous success with your studies!

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Meet some of this year's scholarship winners:

Rosana Pascoal from Brazil:

"My deepest gratitude to The Avon Foundation for the award; it will help me to meet the expenses needed for my course, with the purchase of books, food, transportation, congresses, meetings.  I thank The Avon Foundation for Women for contributing to the achievement of the dreams and goals of many students around the world.

Benedetta Giampietri from Italy:

"I absolutely didn't think I would win, but Avon believed in me, just as I have believed in Avon for years. The Avon Representative Global Scholarship Scholarship gives me the opportunity to study for a Master's degree and realize my future. I cannot but thank Avon."

Larisa Ioana Muresan, Romania 

"I am very happy to have had the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.  Avon offers me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and to develop myself continuously."

Melissa Chekaoui, UK

"I am so grateful! This will help me to achieve my personal and professional goals by helping to finance my studies."

Nicolas Mon, Argentina

His mother, Avon Rep Adriana von Rentzell: "My Avon sales funded my studies, & those of my brother.  Avon made it easier for us to have an education many years ago, and now again today for my son.These scholarships allow many to continue studying, improving opportunity to build a better future."

Maricruz Rojas Bonifacio, Mexico

"From me and from my mom, Marcolina Bonifacio Hernández, an Avon Representative for 35 years, please accept a sincere and emotional thanks for the award. Great news that we did not expect and certainly makes us very happy."

Vanesa Mendez from Argentina:

"I've been an Avon Representative for more than five years. Thank you for making me one of the beneficiaries of the grant programme.  This award means I can continue with my academic studies. Thanks to the Avon Foundation for accompanying and thinking about WOMEN, thanks for helping me to realize my dreams and achieve goals."


Fernanda Silveira, from Brazil:

"My mother has been an Avon Rep for many years, she raised my brother and I and used her Avon income to help invest in our education. I'm so pleased to receive a scholarship to support my post-graduate degree. This is a wonderful initiative for women - particularly in countries like Brazil where we have little investment in education - to grow and build a better world."

More winners to be announced soon. Watch this space!

Global Scholarship programme in numbers:

Started in 2012

Nearly $1.5 million awarded

2019 funding doubled to over $400,000

600 Representatives have won grants

Over 20 countries

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