#SpeakOut for women’s share of voice

As part of our commitment to stand4her, champion women and improve the lives of women everywhere, we are calling on people to join us and #SpeakOut for equality.

Women lack share of voice in all walks of life.  It’s time to change that and #SpeakOut.

We believe that women’s voices should be heard. And their stories should be shared. #SpeakOut is a platform for women of all backgrounds to share their stories, celebrate and be inspired by others. 

We also believe in the power of beauty to support self-expression and confidence. Sharing inspirational stories is at the heart of Herstory, a new fragrance from Avon that celebrates speaking out and the sharing of women’s stories from around the globe. 

Avon’s #SpeakOut campaign responds to the pervasive gender gap, with the World Economic Forum’s 2020 report highlighting that gender parity is 99.5 years off.

Speak like a woman

Through conversations with our global network of women, we have discovered that in languages and cultures across the world there are words and phrases used specifically to describe, criticise and negatively stereotype women. For example, being called ‘Lippy’ in English, ‘Vorlaut’ in German, or ‘Mandona’ in Spanish, to name but a few. 

Through the #SpeakOut campaign, we are urging women to reclaim this stereotyped language and be proud to speak out and share their stories.

We need you! #SpeakOut and get involved

#SpeakOut and get lippy on social

We are calling on you to share your experiences, and the words and language you want to reclaim. You can join the conversation on our social channels, or post a proud lippy selfie on your social media channels, using the hashtag #SpeakOut.

“Avon has been a champion for women for over 130 years. Through the #SpeakOut campaign we take the opportunity to invite men and women all over the world to join us in speaking out about the barriers which might stop women from having an equal share of voice.” 

Angela Cretu, CEO at Avon