stand4her: the research

stand4her launched in response to research that we commissioned to highlight some of the challenges and opportunities facing women today.

With Oxford Economics, we conducted extensive secondary research drawing on a deep and wide set of data that was already available, as well as supplementing with additional primary research.  

Here you can also find more information about the global impact of stand4her and the progress we have made so far.

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Our research highlights some of the barriers holding women back around the world: 

  • Only half of women feel they live in a culture that encourages female entrepreneurs 
  • Advancing women’s economic potential could increase global GDP by more than $12 trillion annually
  • Nearly 80% of women believe beauty brands put too much pressure on them to be perfect 
  • A fifth of women feel unsafe in their communities, and a third will experience physical or sexual violence during their lifetime 

Throughout this report you will see stories from some of the remarkable people we work with around the world; including perspectives from partners in other organisations who share our concerns, ambitions and plans for action to support women everywhere, as well as first-hand accounts from our Representatives sharing their experience of the different forms of support they have had from Avon to achieve economic empowerment, health or self- confidence. 

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The primary data: 1000 women were surveyed in 15 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and the UK), with the exception of Ecuador where difficulties in achieving a representative sample meant that the sample size was capped at 400.