For 135 years we’ve been creating positive change for women. In the years since Avon was founded, there has been considerable progress in addressing the inequalities that women face. Nonetheless, inequality, discrimination and limiting stereotypes remain widespread. Gender inequality – in health, in education, in political representation, and in economic participation – persists.

Too often, women and girls are not able to achieve their potential and face worse outcomes than men.  

We’re calling for that to change. 

Creating a better world for women, which is a better world for all.

Every sale supports women

Our core purpose is to create a better world for women, which we believe, is a better world for all.

That's why, when you invest in an Avon product, we invest millions of women, helpling them to learn, earn and embrace their power.*

So, you're not just buying a new lipstick or skincare, you're supporting Avon Representatives worldwide have access to earnings and opportunities to help them build their businesses and develop new skills.

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Every time you buy from Avon, you don’t just buy a lipstick, you invest in women.

Whether that’s a brand new car for  Veronica in the Philippines.

Or braces and beauty school for Giulia from Italy.

A life-line for Anita from Poland, a survivor of gender-based violence who is now thriving.

Or a better life for Ikbal and her family, supporting her son’s engineering studies.

Veronica Gayapanao Reyes
Veronica Gayapanao Reyes


Giulia Jendoubi
Giulia Jendoubi




Ikbal Demirel
Ikbal Demirel


And we support the causes that matter to women

Avon has a long-standing track record of donating to NGOs supporting women’s causes. We’ve contributed US$1.1 billion to date with an average of US$10 million + donated every year for the past decade.***

End Violence Against Women

Violence against women is an epidemic: one in three women worldwide will experience violence or abuse in her lifetime. Intimate partner violence does not discriminate, and it can affect anyone; regardless of income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion.

We are committed to speak out about gender violence, through the End Violence Against Women programme, because silence hurts.

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Breast Cancer Promise

Ensuring everyone knows the signs, knows the risks and knows how to take action to protect their breast health.

We’re committed to a multi-year pledge educating and promoting awareness about breast health: the Breast Cancer Promise. 

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Menopause Policy

At Avon, we recognise that it’s beautiful to be you and we aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where our associates can bring their whole selves to work. Our Menopause Policy provides workplace accommodations and support to associates experiencing menopause, perimenopause and menopausal symptoms, and aims to reduce stigma and raise awareness around the topic, and to equip our line managers, colleagues, family members and friends with tools and resources to help.

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Our commitment to women sits alongside our belief in broader inclusion for all groups. We’re open to all, regardless of gender and sexuality or any other characteristic such as race, age and ability. We celebrate beauty in all its forms, and all its diversity, and believe everyone should be free to celebrate their own beauty, and express their own identity

Beauty democracy

As a beauty company, we’re democratic. We believe in inclusive beauty that is open and accessible to all. We’re here for everyone. 

We support self-expression by challenging stereotypes, supporting freedom of expression, and representing a wide range of people.

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*Globally, on average, Avon's Representatives can earn a minimum of at least 20% discount on the RRP of every product they sell, increasing to up to 40% for some seller Representative segments and markets based on local compensation plans. Calculated as best estimate by reference to 2021 full year data and global internal net sales vs the recommended retail selling prices as printed in Avon brochures, in the same period.

**Avon's full year 2021 audited accounts show investment in Representative incentives, rewards, prizes and training globally totalling over $100m

*** Avon tracks donations from Avon and the Avon Foundation to NGOs around the world.  These follow ethics and compliance verification and internal policy.