Our equity and inclusion position

We celebrate being a beauty democracy 

The beauty of doing good

We’re committed to doing good with our people, purpose and product.

We create an environment where our associates can do purposeful work and have a meaningful career. We embrace individuality and know it’s beautiful to be you. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do and we empower our associates to work in a way that works for them. We recognise their contributions and offer a truly rewarding experience. We are Avon.

Beautiful to be You

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP), the beauty of doing good, is the commitment we make to our associates in return for their hard work and passion . It is the unique set of benefits that they receive in return for the skills, capabilities, and experience they bring to us.

Our EVP distinguishes Avon as an employer and demonstrates what a career with us offers.

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Beautiful to be you

We will ensure that team members who are from communities who have traditionally been marginalised or underrepresented feel safe and are accepted, supported and championed at work. We believe that whoever you are, wherever you live and whoever you love, you should all be treated equally.

This means:
1. We are open to all
2. We have zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination
3. We commit to equally honouring all family structures and relationships
4. We will be strong allies to underrepresented groups

At Avon, we’re open to all

Every associate has the right to personal self-expression such as dress, hair or other forms of body adornment. We believe in inclusive beauty and support self-expression by challenging stereotypes, supporting freedom of expression and representing a wide range ofpeople.

We take a zero tolerance approach to harassment or discrimination based on any personal characteristics

Including but not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, nationality or race, religious beliefs or age.

We follow non-discriminatory practices and are committed to challenging discrimination if it is encountered. This is true of allstages of recruitment and employment, extended to all of our employees, regardless of contract type.

We honour this commitment through our Avon Expectations and Code of Conduct.

We commit to equally honouring all family structures and relationships

At Avon, we believe that whoever you are, wherever you live or whoever you love you should have equity: equal access to policiesand benefits. We commit to ensuring future global policies are equitable and inclusive for all and we are on a journey to ensuring our existing policies are equitable. In some markets, this means that we will go beyond the legal minimum for some family structures/relationships. We expect all Avon associates, contractors, retailers, suppliers and other business partners to understand this and to be in compliance with domestic law wherever we and they operate within the legal confines and under applicable law in a market and adhere to international human rights standards. Where domestic and national law may not be aligned with international human rights standards, we commit to the higher standard unless explicitly illegal to do so.

We will be strong allies to underrepresented groups

We believe creating an inclusive environment is everybody’s responsibility at Avon. We will do this through amplifying and listening to the voices of our Associate Resource Groups and working hand in hand with them to drive change through education, recruitment, brandand product awareness, networking, policy and practice.

“Avon has always stood for equality, but we know we have more work to do to do –particularly against communities who face extra barriers in many areas of life. As a member and sponsor of the Avon Pride Associate Resource Group, my personal commitment is to make sure all associates can bring their whole selves to work and as an ELT member help break down any barriers that might exist to achieving this.”

Kristof Neirynck
Vice President, Marketing and Avon Pride ARG Sponsor

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