Fragrance ingredients

We believe in being transparent about what goes in the products you use.  That’s why we share the ingredient palette that our perfumers currently select from to create our scents. 

Our fragrance ingredient palette encompasses all of the possible ingredients from which our perfumers can choose when formulating our fragrances for our products. This fragrance ingredient palette is not just for our fine fragrances but is used across our entire range of beauty, fashion and home products.

Safety is non-negotiable for all of our products. And we go above and beyond regulatory requirements worldwide.  We comply with the standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and independently review the safety and environmental impact of our fragrance ingredients. We are proud to share information on our fragrance palette in the interests of helping our customers increase their confidence in the safety of our products. 


Why is Avon disclosing its fragrance ingredient palette?
We are committed to transparency of what goes into our products and how they are developed, and want our customers and representatives to have access to information about our fragrance ingredient palette.   

Will you disclose every ingredient in your palette, or just those above a certain amount?
Our published list includes every possible ingredient from the palette that perfumers may select from to create our scents, even if the amount of the fragrance ingredient used in a product is miniscule.  We will update our published list if we add new fragrance ingredients or discontinue any fragrance ingredients to our palette we’re currently using.

Where can I find the information?
The fragrance ingredient palette, the list of all the possible fragrance ingredients approved for use by Avon, is posted above. 

How do you guarantee your external perfume houses fully disclose all ingredients?
We require that our fragrance ingredient suppliers disclose the composition of ingredients as a pre-requisite condition of doing business with Avon.

How do you make sure your fragrance ingredients are safe?
Fragrance ingredients undergo the same scrupulous safety evaluation we use for all the ingredients we use in our cosmetic products.  We go above and beyond worldwide regulatory requirements.  We adhere to International Fragrance Association global standards as well as our own rigorous safety requirements.