The magic of art Nov 17, 2021

Igniting the magic of art in your everyday

We live in a multi-sensorial world. Each moment is infused with multiple senses: the smell of your mother’s perfume, the colour of the leaves as the seasons change, the lingering taste of a good dinner with friends after a long absence.

Being surrounded by inspiration means we can create art wherever we go – even when we’re stuck at home. Who can forget the creativity shown during lockdown when individuals took to social media to recreate iconic works of art in their own style? Bringing art into our everyday lives despite being at home, deprived of new sensory experiences, shows the power that iconic paintings can have.

That’s also why fragrance is so linked to art – it can transport us to another place or time. A hint of a scent on a scarf can evoke memories of a beautiful landscape – or spark the desire to recreate the scene. In fact, perfumers and artists alike have long been inspired by landscapes and gardens.

One famous artist who was passionately inspired by nature was Claude Monet, who dedicated his life to shaping his garden at Giverny, France, to create the natural scenes he wanted to paint. A leader of French Impressionist painting, his paintings stand out as vivid depictions of the beauty of nature. The Impressionist movement was based on expressing your own observations – making evocative fragrances a perfect way to bring this to life.

At Avon, we don’t just believe in the democratisation of beauty, we believe in the democratisation of art. That’s why for our new Artistique Monet Collection, master perfumer Natalie Lorson sought inspiration from Monet’s famous gardens in Giverny, France. Each fragrance captures the scents of the vivid flowers he painted, transporting you to his brilliant, unique garden, so you can carry his inspiration wherever you go.

Our Artistique Monet Collection is comprised of two fragrances: Wisteria Sublime, a floral woody work of art and Nymphea Lumiere, a floral watery masterpiece. Wisteria Sublime blends wisteria with pink pepper, violet and rose to recreate the vibrant shades of Monet’s garden, while Nymphea Lumiere is a fluid bouquet combining peony, magnolia and jasmine petals to show the play of light in the garden at Giverny.

So if you’re looking for an extra spark to give your day a boost, why not explore the collection – and see if you’re inspired to create your own art. To find out more, buy or sell our Artistique Monet Collection, check out Avon in your location .