Global News | Oct 23, 2019

Avon introduces new trimolecular 1.5% hyaluronic acid serum: 8 out of 10 report best ever wrinkle results

ANEW Anti-Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate

ANEW Anti-Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate with its exclusive trimolecular blend of 1.5% pure hyaluronic acid (HA), visibly smooths and plumps skin’s surface and improves the look of even deep wrinkles in just two weeks**.

In response to demands from beauty enthusiasts for easy-to-use advanced skincare, Avon’s world-class scientists created a magic combination of 1.5% pure HA – the skin’s natural plumping agent - A-F33, Oxa Diacid and Arginine. It helps to restore the epidermal layers of skin where we lose HA as we age, and clinical tests show dramatic results with eight out of 10 women reporting that they have seen their best ever wrinkle results*.

In explaining how this exclusive trimolecular blend of 1.5% pure HA works, Anthony Gonzalez, Global Director Skincare Product Development at Avon said: “HA is the gold standard of skin hydration and plumping. With three different molecular weights of HA, this formula can penetrate deeper into the skin’s surface plumping where lines and wrinkles begin in addition to adding surface hydration. The largest HA molecule works on the outer surface to provide instant skin plumping, the medium sized HA molecule penetrates deeper and the smallest HA molecule penetrates deeper still, for longer lasting hydration and plumpness.”

Segolene Hofnung, Avon’s Global Director of Skincare believes this advanced new skincare innovation has the potential to open up Avon’s brand and grow market share by making world-class science available to all. “Women today are more ‘skin-tellectual’ than ever before,” she explains. “They want premium ingredients, the latest technological innovations and excellent results, but they also want something that’s fuss-free to use. That’s why we’ve launched ANEW Anti-Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate. You just smooth it on in an upward and outward motion before you moisturise, and the results are incredible.”

To learn more or buy the new collection find your local Avon website here.

*Based on those who expressed an opinion in a two-week consumer use test in the UK with 110 participants.

**Based on a clinical study with 32 participants.