Perspectives | Feb 15, 2019

Getting under the skin of loneliness: Can cosmetics build communities?

Avon and the loneliness epidemic

Beauty products are fast-becoming a way for consumers to connect on a deeper level to their own emotions and experiences. A recent report revealed that 55 percent think loneliness is currently one of the biggest challenges facing millennials, with consumers also beginning to see the difference between being physically and digitally connected. According to the latest research from Brigham Young University in the UK, experts have estimated that lacking social connections is as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. And with the next decade next set to be defined by vulnerability and loneliness, the pressure on the wellness and beauty industries to tackle this global phenomenon is increasing.

As companies begin to play a bigger role in wider society – Avon is exploring how it could help address this loneliness epidemic. “The beauty consumer of tomorrow doesn’t want to have to tell you how she wants your product to make her feel; she will expect you to already know… That mission to create products that makes every woman feel it was made just for her is what drives Avon’s innovation”, explains Lisa Gallo from Avon’s Innovation Centre in New York. With millions of Representatives spanning the globe, Avon is primed to offer support, with its unique combination of meaningful products that answer these emotionally-charged consumer needs, coupled with expertise… a potentially powerful antidote to loneliness. “We see this ‘high touch’ relationship between brand and customer as being a key area for the future of beauty”, says Lisa.

Of course experiencing social connections can happen both on and offline – and with research from Google showing 39 percent of millennials say an online video has helped change their perspective, Avon believes that offering a variety of touch points can help build deeper and more meaningful relationships with beauty communities all over the world. “The future of beauty is a shared sense of belonging”, Lisa explains, “both physical and digital”.


This feature is based on a wider report issued by Avon, looking at the future of beauty. You can find more information and access the full report here