Brazil News | Aug 29, 2018

Avon Brazil’s campaign "Am I Pretty?" challenges beauty and diversity to empower women

Avon Brazil’s campaign "Am I Pretty?" challenges beauty and diversity to empower women

In a bold move to challenge conventional beauty standards, Avon Brazil’s innovative web series, “Am I Pretty?” aims to open discussion about beauty and diversity. With four more episodes to follow, the first video has just been launched on Avon’s YouTube Channel , and on Avon’s empowerment channel on HuffPost .

The title “Am I Pretty?” stems from the fact that one of the most-searched question on the internet in Brazil is “Am I pretty?”. Avon's Marketing Director Juliana Barros says they want to challenge this question, to affirm that every woman is beautiful – no question marks needed. "Avon always seeks to raise questions about women's empowerment, breaking standards and labels. We have built materials that invite women to celebrate what they have in themselves."

To explore this theme of beauty, a team from Oath and Think Eva collaborated to make the series of videos. The five chapters draw on the perspectives of singer Livia La Gato, fashion student Raissa Campos, artist Alma Negrot, blogger Carol Kyoko, content producers of the collective Estaremos Lá and rapper Rosa Luz. Customers will recognise Rosa Luz from Avon Brazil’s Big and Extreme campaign with Marta and Paola Oliveira.

Every role in the series, both in front of, and behind the camera, was performed by women, giving a unique and authentic insight.

This exciting digital project builds on the recognition Avon Brazil received when they were named the winner of BrandBlazers , which acknowledged ‘ Beleza Sem Filtro ’ (Unfiltered Beauty) to be the most innovative, consumer-first and visionary digital advertising campaign. Unfiltered Beauty aims to change how the world talks about and sees beauty.