Attraction Sensation May 8, 2019

Avon expands best-selling Attraction brand with new Attraction Sensation

Avon expands best-selling Attraction brand with new Attraction Sensation

Third fragrance in the Attraction line developed by two of the world’s most prestigious perfumers is designed to awaken all five senses to magnify feelings of attraction

Avon will strengthen its best-selling Attraction fragrance brand this quarter with the launch of Attraction Sensation , the third pair of fragrances from the line. Like the first two scents from the range, Attraction Sensation for him and her have a powerful matching accord at their heart which connects both fragrances to magnify the effects of attraction.

Created by two of the world’s most prestigious perfumers, Laurent Le Guernec and Michelle DeFina, Attraction Sensation’s luxurious ingredients ensure a top quality, long-lasting scent. The Bold Leather infused at the heart of both fragrances not only connects both partners but is also tied to memory and sensuality.

By bolstering its best-selling fragrance brands, Avon is hoping to increase its fragrance category market share.

Tatiana Piccolo, Vice President Global Fragrance said: “We have a huge opportunity to open up Avon to new fragrance customers with our pipeline of exciting fragrance innovations. Attraction Sensation taps into a genuine consumer insight, recognising that fragrance isn’t just about smell – it can evoke a response in all of our senses which makes it a compelling proposition.”

This concept of awakening all five senses to heighten attraction with the Bold Leather note in both scents was testified by couples who tested the products in three of Avon’s key markets. All products in the Attraction range share a central note between the his and her fragrance to increase attraction. In the first fragrance from the Attraction line, the shared accord is musk – which heightens desire and the second from the line, Attraction Rush, uses Amber at the heart to create a hypnotic sense of connection – that nothing else matters.

Louise Scott, Chief Scientific Officer explains that fragrance is a key category for leveraging the strength of Avon’s innovation. “Avon makes world-class innovation accessible to all – its our mission to democratize beauty. We aren’t beholden to the cost of a retail network meaning we can offer top quality at accessible prices. This is what excites our Representatives – it makes sharing our products really easy because they speak for themselves.”

Attraction Sensation is coming to Avon markets around the world during 2019. To buy in your country visit