Avon as a job opportunity Sep 6, 2022

Cost-of-living crisis leads 80% of women to seek side hustle opportunities

  • 98% of women affected by global cost-of-living crisis
  • 38% of women have given up their favourite branded products this year in favour of cheaper alternatives
  • 25% of women globally have given up fragrance due to increased cost of living

A huge 98% of women globally have been affected by the cost-of-living crisis, with over half of women feeling anxious about the future (57%), and over a third of women feeling out of control when it comes to finances (35%) and guilty that they can't provide enough for their family (34%).

Our findings come from a global study of women across eight countries and three continents, as we discover just how women are being affected by the cost-of-living crisis – and how we can help.

92% of women around the world have been forced to give up non-essential items including eating out, holidays, new clothes and manicures. Over a third of women (38%) have given up their favourite branded products this year in favour of cheaper alternatives.

One area particularly affected is cosmetics, with a quarter of women (25%) globally giving up perfume and one in five women choosing to go without makeup (22%) and skincare (19%) products.

Proudly democratic and accessible, we create high quality products with reliably affordable price tags. What’s more, five million Avon Representatives around the world make the most of the opportunity to work, learn and earn on their own terms.

The side hustle era

4 in 5 women (80%) worldwide have or are considering taking up a side hustle to help with the cost-of-living increase. While over half of these women (54%) are doing so to help pay their bills, one in three women (36%) want to be able to afford the little luxuries they used to have, such as takeaway meals, coffees and new clothes. A fifth of women (21%) want to continue being able to buy their favourite beauty products.

At Avon, we can help – and, for our new generation of Representatives, we’ve made a number of enhancements to our relationship selling model to provide further flexible opportunities to grow financially.

This includes digitising our business model, with an improved mobile user experience which allows Representatives to easily connect with their customers and sell online through the Avon On app. We’ve also created an industry-leading, personalised compensation model, Avon Rewards, that starts from the very first sale.

The choice between quality and affordability

Our research into the cost of living also reveals the commonly held misconception that products with a higher price tag are higher quality.

Over two thirds of women (69%) around the world believe that more expensive makeup products are higher quality. This increases to 71% for perfume and 73% for skincare. However, fewer women believe the same rule applies to clothes (62%).

In a bid to hold on to life’s little luxuries, nearly two thirds (59%) of women globally have switched or would switch their makeup, skincare and fragrance to cheaper alternatives.

Lower your beauty spend, not your beauty standards

Switching makeup, skincare and fragrance to cheaper alternatives doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. Our state-of-the-art Research & Development facilities have long been the beating heart of innovation, with more than 1,000 patents currently in action and an in-house team of more than 160 world-class scientists and innovation experts – over 60% of whom are women.

Known for our accessible beauty products, we’ve seen customers switch from premium luxury brands to more affordable Avon alternatives, such as:

  • Avon’s Far Away Beyond Eau de Parfum features Upcycled Vanilla Extract for the very first time, elevating the traditional sweet vanilla scent to a more intricate, sophisticated and glamorous vanilla note in a long-lasting parfum to transport you beyond the everyday. Crafted by expert perfumers behind some of the most popular premium fragrances on the market, Far Away Beyond offers impeccable quality at an irresistibly affordable £14.
  • Avon’s Ultra Lipstick is sold every second globally. Reformulated for richer colour and creamier comfort, the upgraded formula boasts an exclusive blend of nourishing oils – so you can enjoy all the colour, with none of the dryness. With 60 high impact shades to choose from at just £7.50 each, customers needn’t limit themselves to one.
  • Avon’s Anew Renewal Power Serum is powered by Avon’s world exclusive Protinolä technology. The ground-breaking serum, just £22, is clinically proven to restore years of collagen loss, whilst delivering 7 powerful age-defying benefits in 7 days[1].

Angela Cretu, Avon CEO, comments: “Around the world, women and their families are feeling the pressure of the increasing cost of living. With 98% of women globally affected, we must support each other where we can. At Avon, we have a long history of doing beauty differently, creating top quality makeup, skincare and fragrance products without the luxury price tag – whilst offering women the chance to transform their lives for the better by earning and learning on their own terms. With many women around the world looking for ways to save money and start a side hustle, I’m proud to be part of a brand that uplifts women and helps them start up as entrepreneurs.”

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[1] Based on those that expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study.