Brazil News | Apr 10, 2019

Avon wins Eco Award for positive impact on Representatives’ lives in Brazil

Avon wins Eco Award for positive impact on Representatives’ lives in Brazil

Avon Brazil has won a Prêmio ECO® 2019 Award for the business’s socio-economic impact on Representatives’ lives.

The results of the Impulse Survey in Brazil reinforce Avon’s commitment to improving women’s lives and will help guide the Brazilian business’s strategy in social sustainability.

The survey results and subsequent award entry demonstrated how Avon transforms the lives of its Representatives, with the benefits going beyond financial gain to be reflected in other areas including health, wellbeing and relationships. Representatives were asked about their earnings, domestic violence, self-perception, family life, networking, quality of life and entrepreneurship.

The prestigious Prêmio ECO® 2019 Awards were the 36th iteration of the Awards to date and were sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), with a focus on diversity and social inclusion. Avon Brazil’s submission was among 102 entries from 83 businesses.

Statistics from the Impulse Survey demonstrate Avon’s outstanding contribution to sustainable development:

  • 74% of Representatives in Brazil say their Avon earnings are important to pay their bills
  • 30% of Representatives in Brazil say they had their first paid work with Avon
  • 65% of Representatives in Brazil say they work and spend time with their children
  • 47% of Representatives in Brazil say Avon’s new customer network has already generated employment and business opportunities for their family.

Ana Costa, Vice President Legal and Government Relations in Brazil, led the project alongside Fernanda Cabrini, Government Affairs Manager. She said: "Avon has been boosting women’s lives for more than 130 years. Winning the much-coveted Prêmio ECO® 2019 Award is a way to validate our social sustainability efforts and inspire other practices that benefit our Reps. We are proud and delighted. Our Representatives are at the centre of our business; we seek to transform their lives in ways that go far beyond financial autonomy, and we are doing so.”

Avon recently announced that it would renew its support of women globally, with plans to mobilise its network of millions of beauty entrepreneurs to help change the lives of women worldwide through the stand4her campaign. The business plans to improve the lives of 100 million women a year by advancing their earning potential, giving them the opportunity to live a safe and healthy life. By opening up access to vital training and support, stand4her aims to champion female entrepreneurs all around the world.