Global News | Nov 1, 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: it’s a wrap for 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: it’s a wrap for 2018

October has been an incredible month for breast cancer awareness, with Avon’s markets across the globe supporting its mission to help educate 100 million women worldwide about breast cancer.

Avon’s Pink Light Project, a global breast cancer educational campaign in partnership with Cancer Research UK , has reached millions of women. It’s spreading the word about the risks and signs of breast cancer, and how to take action, in line with the Avon Breast Cancer Promise commitment.

Avon associates, Representatives and customers around the world have been involved in a whole host of campaigns, events and activities to drive the Pink Light Project. Avon UK spread the word by lighting up the headquarters in pink floodlights, with a projection of the lightbulb logo to highlight Avon’s message that no woman should be in the dark about breast cancer. Along with a series of high profile events with charity partners CoppaFeel!, Liverpool FC Women showed their solidarity by wearing Breast Cancer Awareness Month t-shirts.

In Central Europe, Avon is letting associates, Representatives and customers know that the fight against breast cancer is a year-round one, reminding them to wear pink ribbons, buy charity products, and visit their doctor, to help educate themselves and others. By the end of the year, they will have raised over a million Euros for the campaign.

Avon is leading the fight against breast cancer in Ecuador, touring the country with their breast cancer prevention unit throughout October and November. Meanwhile in Uruguay, a team from Avon drove a customised pink van through the country, raising awareness of the disease along the way.

In Kazakhstan, Avon customers, Representatives and Associates danced their way into the record books, with the largest Salsa flash mob the country has ever seen, alongside a special consultancy zone, where hundreds of women were examined by mammologists. Avon Romania organised an amazing charity concert with a pink theme, which raised $6,180.

The 14th Avon Argentina Walk spread the message of breast cancer awareness to over 14,000 people. In Buenos Aires, the Avon Foundation gave a manicure course to inmates at a woman’s prison, taking the opportunity to talk to them about breast cancer too.

In the Philippines, iconic landmarks and buildings across Manila became beacons of the Pink Light Project, to remind women to take just one minute to check their breasts every month. And in Italy, Avon’s #ASelfieForWomen social media campaign raised awareness and money to help create a future where women will no longer be victims of this devastating disease.

Thanks to incredible support from our Avon associates, Representatives and customers around the world, we have touched so many women. Argentinian Avon Representative Carina Sepulveda has fought breast cancer several times , but is now stable. She says, “I have six children and two grandchildren. Thinking about them and their future gave me the strength to fight the disease with all my might. It has made me appreciate every moment.”

Brazilian Avon Project Manager Clarisse Galli was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, when she was just 30. She says, “When I finished my chemotherapy, I participated in Avon’s Pink October to encourage other women to do the routine exams. I’m so glad to share my story to others because I think that I can help and encourage others to not be afraid of the diagnosis.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be over, but Avon won’t be stopping efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer - we fight tirelessly to make sure no woman is left in the dark about breast cancer. Jan Zijderveld, CEO, says, “We want every woman across the globe to know the risks, the signs, and what action to take when it comes to breast cancer. That way, if a woman does have symptoms, the cancer can be caught early and, if necessary, addressed with treatment as quickly as possible”.

Together, we’ll keep the Pink Light Project alive and achieve our commitment to educating 100 million women worldwide.