Breast Cancer Awareness month Oct 14, 2021

From being a patient to being me again

From beauty buys to saving lives, our Breast Cancer Promise commitment goes beyond raising awareness and funds with innovative products developed to support those going through treatment too.

Being mindful and caring for our skin is always important, but especially when going through cancer treatment. With this in mind, we collaborated with survivors to create the bespoke Love, Avon Care Pack in 2020 and it’s back for another year in support of those living with cancer.

All three products in the pack are dermatologically and allergy tested, mild and gentle, and fragrance free.

The Caring Scalp Balm uses 100% plant-based glycerine to moisturise and replenish skin, leaving the scalp feeling healthier and helping to encourage hair growth.

The Distillery Clean Break Cleanser is ultra-moisturising, using apricot oil and cocoa butter to help the skin retain its natural oils while the Distillery Shade the Day SPF25 Day Cream comes with the all-important Skin Cancer Seal, with SPF25 to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and distilled rose extract for a moisture boost, whilst gentle on sensitive skin.

Across the world, a proportion of sales or profits from each pack are donated to NGOs in support of our Breast Cancer Promise. For example, since its launch in the UK more than £54,000 has been raised via purchases via a Rep or online of the Cancer Care Pack for UK charity Look Good Feel Better, with funds helping to provide over 100 workshops for people going through treatment.

The pack is popular with many of our Reps too. Avon UK Sales Leader Melissa Lammas was diagnosed with breast cancer after checking regularly and noticing a pain under her armpit. The 36-year-old mum of two shared her story to encourage people to check regularly and help end the late diagnosis of breast cancer.

“I always checked my boobs thanks to knowing about the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, and the work I see at Avon communicated regularly through my business. I felt a pain under my armpit that wasn’t normal for me and soon after spotted I dimpling at the top of my breast towards my collarbone so I went to get checked out by my GP. I pushed for a referral at the breast cancer clinic where it was confirmed to be breast cancer.

“Due to COVID-19 and nationwide lockdown, my treatment was put on hold for a few weeks. The impact of this could be huge, but I’m grateful that I had the confidence to check myself and know what’s normal for me to push for a referral so quickly”, continues Melissa.

“The scalp balm has been a welcome relief for my skin during treatment. It’s gentle enough to apply to directly the scalp and caring enough to keep it moisturised throughout the day.”

UK NGO Look Good Feel Better also shares the pack in its virtual and face to face workshops supporting people through beauty and wellbeing during treatment, like Jan Lowe who shared her story and experience of the care pack.

"When you're going through treatment and your hair is not at its best your skin can become very dry and your scalp takes quite a pounding because it's not used to being out in the air. So to have a product that's specifically for moisturising your scalp was tremendous, it's a great innovation, I'd not heard of anything like that before.”

Watch Jan talk about the pack here and find out more about the Avon Cancer Care Pack here.