Corporate Responsibility Report Apr 8, 2021

Our work towards a better world for all

Corporate Responsibility Report

For all of us, much changed in 2020 – but particularly for women. Covid-19 caused gender gaps to widen, damaging women’s employment and earnings prospects. Meanwhile, instances of gender-based violence soared during national lockdowns. Reversing these trends will take many years.

Our latest Corporate Responsibility Report sets out how we worked to address the changing needs of our employees, Representatives and communities, to make sure we continued to support them, even when circumstances were changing fast. We repurposed our production lines to produce hand sanitiser, supported our Representatives to accelerate the transition to online selling, and worked with our NGO partners around the world to reach out to and support women at increased risk of gender-based violence.

Highlights from 2020 include:

· We launched our #IsolatedNotAlone campaign, reaching over 96 million people on social media

· We donated US$9.2 million across the world, tackling breast cancer and violence against women and girls

· We produced over 9 million units of hand sanitiser and over 4 million face masks globally

· We achieved all of our 2020 environmental targets for carbon emissions, waste and recycling, and water use

· All of our brochures were printed on sustainably sourced paper

· We achieved a 90% recycling rate in our operations

At Avon, we want to create opportunities for women – and men – to earn and learn, in their own way, and on their own terms. Beauty is more than skin-deep. It’s the independence and self-esteem that comes with financial empowerment; it’s the confidence that comes with learning new skills; it’s the sensual indulgence of a special fragrance; it’s being healthy and happy, and the best you can be.

As part of Natura &Co, we’ve set ambitious targets in line with the Group’s Commitment To Life, which sets out to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. Together, we’re challenging ourselves to do more and go faster, addressing the climate crisis, ensuring equality and inclusion, and focusing on circularity and regeneration. We’ve committed to becoming a B Corp by 2025, joining over 3,500 businesses globally to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and balance between profit and purpose.

Meanwhile, we’ll work towards Avon’s vision of creating a better world for women, which is a better world for all. Learn more about our 2020 achievements in our Corporate Responsibility Report.