Global News | Jul 11, 2019

Avon Foundation for Women announces new funding for Vital Voices, marking a ten-year partnership aimed at ending gender-based violence

Avon Foundation for Women announces new funding for Vital Voices

Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women today announced a new $200,000 grant to Vital Voices Global Partnership.  The grant will fund Voices Against Violence, an initiative which builds on Avon’s long-standing commitment to help women and girls live safe lives, free from violence. The donation marks the Avon Foundation’s tenth year partnering with Vital Voices, bringing its total funding for the NGO to over $4 million.  

With current research showing that one in three women globally will experience gender-based violence, experts agree that no one sector alone can adequately confront the scale of this epidemic. In response, Avon and Vital Voices joined forces to form a public-private partnership with the US Department of State over a decade ago.  During the lifetime of the public-private partnership, the total number of beneficiaries is 2.3 million people in 66 countries.  This broad impact stems from the over 3,000 individuals who have been trained and directly supported.  

The new grant will fund the 2019 Voices Against Violence initiative.  Voices Against Violence will convene NGOs, law enforcement agencies, service providers and other allied advocates to improve investigation, prosecution, victim safety and survivor support.  The partnership is launching Voices Against Violence programmes in Argentina, the Philippines and South Africa in 2019. Led by the Vital Voices Human Rights team and its network of experts from around the world, this dynamic programme will: 

  • Encourage conversation: with a training programme to help advocates – including Avon associates and Representatives – to support women and girls impacted by violence. 
  • Provide information: with the launch of a new website providing awareness and resources about gender-based violence 
  • Improve support: continuing to improve and enhance support by working to remove barriers for survivors in accessing justice and vital support services

The first summit of 2019 took place in Manila, Philippines in June, becoming the 52nd training programme that Avon and the Avon Foundation have run with Vital Voices.  The event convened local experts and dignitaries including the United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim, and leaders from organisations such as the Philippine Commission on Women, the Philippine National Police and the Development Action for Women Network.  

The programme included a full-day training session for Avon associates and Representatives, aimed at raising awareness of different forms of abuse and equipping participants with life-saving techniques and resources. 

“Avon has been championing women worldwide for more than 130 years. Voices Against Violence is one of the ways in which we’re tackling gender violence as part of  stand4her – our programme which aims to positively impact the lives of 100 million women around the world each year and create a better world for women.  This new Foundation funding amplifies the power of our voice.  It’s crucial that we open up the conversation about gender-based violence and open up partnerships and connection between the players that can make a tangible difference to women who are impacted.”  

Amy Greene, Chair of the Avon Foundation

“We are honoured to have the Avon Foundation and Avon as a partner and humbled by the opportunity to convene such a diverse and dedicated group of advocates to elevate the voices of survivors and those who courageously advocate on their behalf."

Nicole Hauspurg, Director of Justice Initiatives at Vital Voices

Since 2004, Avon and Avon Foundation for Women have contributed $65 million to help tackle gender violence around the world. Tens of millions of women and families have been supported through these efforts through direct services or support and information.