Protinol Apr 28, 2021

Cue clapping … it’s another award win for Protinol™

Cue clapping … it’s another award win for Protinol™

Avon wins prestigious Edison award for its breakthrough skincare technology, Protinol™

Avon’s Protinol™ technology has been awarded silver in the advanced skincare category at the Edison Award’s which recognise the world’s most innovative new products, services and business leaders. Named after Thomas Alva Edison, the awards have been running since 1987.

This award win reflects Protinol’s™ unique ability to make skin look beautiful, healthier and stronger by restoring both types of collagen found in healthy skin, helping mimic the perfect collagen ratio found in baby skin. Before Protinol™, only one type of collagen – the skin’s most critical protein - has been effectively restored using topical skincare.

Anthony Gonzalez, Director Skincare Product Development at Avon says: “Whilst Avon has been leading the way in innovation for many years, Protinol™ is one of the most exciting discoveries of the decade.

“As a scientist, discovering an ingredient so powerful it needs some of the world’s leading skincare scientists to help fully understand how it works its magic, is the ultimate accolade. This, combined with seeing results with the naked eye in just seven days without the side effects skincare fanatics have come to expect with powerful ingredients, is nothing short of miraculous.”

Protinol™, found in our ANEW Skin Reset Plumping Shots and ANEW day and night creams, was crowned a winner by a panel of judges comprising more than 3,000 senior business executives and academics, recognizing the potential this ingredient has to revolutionise the skincare industry.

“We were very impressed by the level of collaboration and discovery in this year’s entries,” said Edison Universe Executive Director Frank Bonafilia. “Somehow, while facing the unprecedented challenges of this global pandemic, companies around the world figured out how to work safely and smartly and still innovate at an award-winning level.”

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