Introducing authentic-ageing Jan 12, 2022

Make way for a new beauty trend: introducing authentic-ageing

For so long, youth has been the leading currency in beauty – but no more!

With the pandemic having heightened awareness of the fragility of life, getting older is now considered a gift, and in turn attitudes towards ageing as a beauty concern are shifting.

Products that claim to preserve, emulate or recapture youth no longer speak to customers in the same way. In fact, 2 in 5 women aged over 55 don’t consider wrinkles and fine lines as one of their biggest skin insecurities.

And with a bigger appetite towards embracing ageing rather than trying to run away from it, there is a shift in beauty beyond skincare, with women wanting to put down their hair dye and embrace their grey hair too.

Simultaneous trends have also helped change the narrative to one where no filter authenticity is prized above apparent perfection: witness the rise of real-life social media giant TikTok which has given a global platform to ‘real’ people, resulting in a countertrend to the highly polished world of Instagram that has dominated for so long.

The end result for skincare and beauty is that the story is not about simply anti - or pro - ageing, but about authentic-ageing.

We understand our skin and want to give it what it needs to be healthy, strong and radiant, whatever our stage of life.

We want to look like ourselves, not live up to anyone else’s ideals.

Hannah Roberts, Global Brand Director, says: “A stark realisation that the pandemic has brought to us all is that getting older is not something to be afraid of or a battle ‘to win’, it’s something to strive for. So, in the conversations around skincare, we see the shift in the narrative away from messages that we ‘should’ turn back time, towards conversations around effective products that address our specific needs to give us our most beautiful and resilient skin. Age does not define you, you will define you.”

That’s why Avon’s best-selling ANEW collection – with two ANEW products sold every second – is all about truly efficacious skincare for strong, radiant skin.

The most recent addition to the range, ANEW Power Serum, was formulated with award-winning patented Protinol™ technology and Niacinamide to amplify your skin’s own power – and delivers dramatically healthier looking skin in just 7 days*


* Based on results of consumer science study with 206 participants.