Russia News | Jul 23, 2019

Avon Russia launches school of bloggers to support army of Representatives in becoming beauty influencers

Avon Russia school of bloggers

Avon Russia has introduced a special project to educate its beauty entrepreneurs on how to attract new customers through Instagram and other social media channels, in support of the drive to reboot direct selling through Avon’s open up strategy .

The School of Bloggers, launched in collaboration with Glamour Magazine Russia, included a series of six lessons advising more than 28,500 Representative participants on the art of Instagram – from taking professional looking photos for social media – be it selfies or product flat lays - to how to increase engagement in the content that they post there.

The course was presented by industry experts and influencers including Ilyana Erdneeva, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour Russia, and Davydova Natasha, a top fashion and fitness blogger in Russia, with course content receiving an average of 3,000 daily users for each lesson.

Only Avon Representatives were eligible to participate in this exciting new programme, but a series of hints and tips were shared on Glamour’s online platform, showcasing outstanding images from ‘homework’ Representatives completed during the course.

As part of the collaboration with Glamour, the top performing Representative – Anna Atamanyuk - received special recognition at the Glamour Influencer Award, alongside many well-regarded Russian bloggers. She was selected by an open vote amongst Glamour’s readership.


“Avon’s School of Bloggers is an incredible tool for any Representative in Russia who wants to master the art of social networks. Each line of information shared has been useful. It has been an unforgettable journey, in terms of what I have learned and also collecting my recognition in Moscow!”

Anna Atamanyuk, Avon Representative and Glamour Influencer Award winner

“The School of Bloggers certainly generated a buzz amongst the Representative community, with social posts generating 1.2 million views, and Avon Russia’s own Instagram account growing 70% in just three weeks. The programme also supported our beauty entrepreneurs to grow their own business, with participants experiencing an average of 150 new followers during the course alone. It is an important step for us to support a new generation of Avon Representatives."

Elena Petruseva, Head of Marketing Communications for Avon in Eastern Europe

The project supports Avon’s global plans to open up access to Avon, nurturing Avon Representatives to become beauty influencers. It follows the launch of a global content studio that will deliver up to 12,000 pieces of creative and on-brand content annually, directly to millions of beauty entrepreneurs through the Avon On app.