Open Up Avon

Long-term strategy to return our company to growth

Our plans to Open Up Avon continues to build on the progress we have already made to reboot direct selling, modernise the brand, leverage strategic breakouts and begin a cultural transformation, focusing around five core pillars: Rebooting Direct Selling, Modernising the Brand, Unlocking Digital and  e-Commerce Capabilities, becoming Simpler and Leaner, and Driving a Performance Culture.


The Digital Social Selling Beauty Company

The company for women: Changing lives of beauty entrepreneurs and democratising beauty for consumers

Reboot Direct Selling

Open Up Value

Open Up Access

Simpler & Leaner

Make it easier for Her to succeed by taking a segmented approach to recruitment, training and support.

Refresh our brand, sharpen our portfolio and deliver on-trend, scaled innovation.

Reach more consumers through our channels, geographies and categories. 

Build a more open ecosystem and fit for purpose organisation and infrastructure.

Open Up Culture – High Performing Organisation

"Avon is grounded by our steadfast commitment to empowering women. Our 'Open Up Avon' strategy will enable us to provide more relevant earnings, contemporary products and meet the dynamic needs of women globally. While transformations of this nature take time, we are working hard and committed to executing on these strategic breakout priorities and building the Avon of the future."


Jan Zijderveld, Avon CEO