Global News | Jun 12, 2019

Avon Foundation announces 2019 scholarship grant winners, taking total donated to nearly $1.5 million

Avon Foundation announces 2019 scholarship grant winners, taking total donated to nearly $1.5 million

Global Scholarship Programme awards over $400,000 in educational grants to Avon Representatives in over 20 countries 

Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women have announced nearly 200 scholarships to open up personal development opportunities for Avon Representatives and their families. This year’s programme sees the Avon Foundation double its funding from $200,000 to over $400,000 to fuel learning opportunities for Avon’s Representatives and their families.

The Global Scholarship Programme is part of Avon’s global stand4her plan, which aims to improve the lives of 100 million women worldwide by breaking down the barriers holding women back. Each recipient receives a scholarship grant of $2,100 that they can use on tuition, school fees, accommodation and board, books, or transportation.

The Scholarship initiative opens up learning opportunities with academic institutions, complementing Avon’s broader Academy training programmes for its millions of Representatives across the world. Through the Avon Academy, the company delivers training in modules as diverse as skincare science and make-up trends to online marketing and sales techniques.

Launched in 2012, the programme has provided nearly $1.5 million in financial support for over 600 Avon Representatives, their children and grandchildren, to support education and training. This year’s winners include Benedetta Giampietri, an Avon Representative from Italy who will be studying for a Master’s Degree, and Fernanda Silveira from Brazil.

“My mother has been an Avon Representative for many years, she raised my brother and I and used her Avon income to help invest in our education. I'm so pleased to receive a scholarship to support my post-graduate degree. Thank you so much. This is a wonderful initiative for women - particularly in countries like Brazil where we have little investment in education - to grow and build a better world.”

Fernanda Silveira, educational grant recipient from Brazil

“Warm congratulations to this year’s scholarship programme recipients. Avon is built on a long legacy of investing in opportunities for women to earn and learn. We support millions of beauty entrepreneurs to run their own businesses, in their own way and on their own terms and we understand the pivotal role of education, skills development and training in fueling a ripple effect. Opening up opportunities for women create benefits not just for her but also for her family, her community and ultimately the world we all live in. The Avon Foundation is proud that we can support Avon Representatives and their families with access to education, new skills and networks that power their ability to succeed.”

Amy Greene, Chair of the Avon Foundation