Global News | Oct 28, 2020

A new era for ANEW: pioneering skincare science for your best skin

A new era for ANEW

Our iconic skincare brand is renewed and formulated with Protinol™, a revolutionary technology that increases natural collagen production for healthy, strong skin

Best-selling skincare brand ANEW – we sell two ANEW products every second - begins a fresh era in 2020, taking a step further in pioneering skincare science and cutting-edge technology to help more people to achieve their best skin.

For this new phase, ANEW is focused on meeting the needs of today’s consumer who wants healthy, strong and radiant skin. We’ve improved the formulations, the packaging and style to demonstrate ANEW’s efficacy and better connect with consumers.

The first launch of this fresh era will feature the daily-use creams: Reversalist, Ultimate and Platinum, with new formulas powered by Avon’s latest cutting-edge technology Protinol™. With this technology consumers can accelerate their skincare, experiencing visual improvement in skin’s health and appearance in just 48 hours**. These daily use moisturizing creams are shown to stimulate collagen production 2x more than other leading brands*.

“ANEW is Avon’s hero skincare brand, and has a history of consistently being first to market with the launch of several skincare breakthroughs, such as alpha hydroxy acids, Activinol and Paxillium technologies, pure, potent, and stable Vitamin C, and a triple dose of Hyaluronic Acid - some of the most popular skincare ingredients today,” explains Segolene Hofnung, global head of skincare.

ANEW’s visuals and communication have changed: the style of the photos, logo and brochures of the brand is now more geometric, minimalistic and embraces graphic effects. “What’s exciting about this fresh moment for ANEW is that the latest skincare trends will be even more accessible to every woman discover her best skin,” adds Segolene. “This is the reason why we keep innovating, to bring the very best to everyone and start new dialogues about age and skin. We are happy to provide the benefits from the latest in skincare technology in a contemporary way, reinventing our role as pioneers.” 

The fresh ANEW products arrive to the market demonstrating the line’s modern, desirable and premium characteristics and a shift in consumer’s behaviors. This new moment shows how Avon is leading the way in helping women to be proud of their beauty and understand how to best care for their skin.

*3d tissue comparison with a leading anti-aging brand

**Based on consumer study of 113 participants.