Global News | Apr 16, 2020

#IsolatedNotAlone: Uniting with Natura &Co to support domestic abuse survivors during Covid-19 pandemic

#IsolatedNotAlone: Uniting with Natura &Co to support domestic abuse survivors during Covid-19 pandemic

Cases of domestic abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic continue to rise. As part of our #IsolatedNotAlone campaign, Avon is uniting with our sister brands Aesop, The Body Shop and Natura to galvanise our networks and call on governments to keep domestic violence front of mind and ensure support services have adequate funding.

An unintended consequence of the isolation measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is that those women and children are trapped at home with their abusers, leaving them increasingly vulnerable to domestic abuse.

One in three women around the world experience abuse. In China in February, the number of calls to domestic abuse hotlines tripled compared with the same month last year [1] , while in Malaysia they have doubled [2]. In Argentina, since the lockdown on 20 March, emergency calls for domestic abuse have increased by 25% [3] . In the UK, data from Refuge shows a 25% increase in hotline calls and 150% increase in visits to their website since the beginning of the outbreak.


The #IsolatedNotAlone campaign is raising awareness of the domestic abuse epidemic exacerbated by isolation during the global Covid-19 crisis. Together, Avon, Natura, The Body Shop, and Aesop represent the world’s largest women’s network, connecting more than six million representatives and consultants, and 40,000 employees with 200 million consumers in 110 countries. Join us in fighting for women and children who are at increased risk of violence at this time.

“As the Natura &Co group we strive to be the best beauty company for the world. This is a landmark moment as the whole Natura &Co family comes together for the first time to create meaningful impact in this acute moment of need. Together we will make a difference. I ask all of our supporters, customers and friends to join hands with us and share this open letter, so governments take action to ensure support for women and children at risk.
Join us – be part of the movement and support women in our communities.”

Angela Cretu, CEO

In tandem with the #Isolated Not Alone campaign, the Avon Foundation for Women has announced a $1m commitment to front-line services to support women and children in need and at risk. Awards to NGOs will be announced soon.



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