Global News | Apr 7, 2020

You are not alone: reaching women at risk in Argentina

Argentina tackle domestic violence

The video starts with a chef introducing a simple recipe for women to try while in lockdown.  However, a few seconds in, the message changes and a voiceover tells women affected by domestic violence that they are not alone – and where they can find support.

This “Trojan Horse” video is one of a series of three on this topic and was produced by the Avon Foundation Argentina as part of the Isolated not alone campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the increase in domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

In response to the pandemic, many countries have introduced a lockdown, meaning women and children experiencing domestic abuse are spending 24 hours a day with the perpetrator.  Self-isolation – not being able to travel or to see friends and family – means these women may be feeling more alone than ever.  The Isolated not alone campaign aims to challenge this by reaching out to and supporting those at risk of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The videos can be shared between friends as well as by influencers on their social channels.

“The thinking behind the video is to use the common aggressor point of view that recipe videos are for women…  Therefore, out of his control, we can introduce this Trojan Horse to reach out to these women.  The recipe is interrupted to share information that could be useful for a woman experiencing domestic violence.  Most importantly, we want them to know that even when isolated, we can be together at a distance,” says Florencia Yanuzzio, Executive Director of the Avon Foundation Argentina.

“This is an ingenious way to reach women at risk to sign-post where to go for help and assure them that they may be isolated, but they are not alone.  Through the digital access we have to our five million representatives and their millions of customers we are in a unique position to reach women and share this kind of life-saving information.  We want to see similar initiatives in other markets.  And it doesn’t need to be cookery – we have a wealth of beauty content ready to go that we can adapt for exactly this purpose. I’m looking forward to seeing it realised,” says Natalie Deacon, President of the Avon Foundation for Women.

The Isolated Not Alone global campaign aims to raise awareness of silent domestic violence epidemic exacerbated by isolation during the global Covid-19 crisis.  In addition, the Avon Foundation for Women has announced a $1m commitment to front-line services to support women and children in need and at risk.