Ukraine | Apr 4, 2019

Avon Ukraine donates $80,000 USD in support of modern mammography equipment

Ukraine donates $80,000 USD in support of modern mammography equipment

Avon Ukraine has shown its support for the breast cancer cause with a donation of US$80,000 to the Regional Oncological Center in Sumy. This centre now has a state-of-the-art mammography machine to help make diagnostic treatment more accessible to women across the country.

Over the last few years, working in partnership with local charity “Women’s health and family planning”, the Avon Ukraine team has been working hard to increase the funds in order to help make this kind of equipment and treatment available. In addition to the funding, the team also arranged #AvonPinkRun marathons in 2017 and 2018 to help raise awareness of cancer and encourage women to face their fears about seeking treatment and support. The fun runs were sponsored by local lingerie designer Anabel Arto, who created a special BRAve line to support the events.

Elisabeth Korobchenko, General Manager Avon Ukraine and Georgia, said: “We have stayed committed to #avonmissionagainstbreastcancer for more than 17 years, along with our Representatives’ commitment to support the programme through charity products purchase. All of this has enabled us to celebrate this incredible moment in Sumy and makes free and effective breast cancer diagnostics available for all women in the area.”

Supporting women to live safe and healthy lives is a key pillar of Avon’s stand4her programme to improve the lives of 100 million women every year.