Global News | Aug 22, 2019

Working with the Malala Fund to break down the barriers holding women and girls back

Breaking down barriers with the Malala Fund

By Amy Greene, Chair of the Avon Foundation for Women

Who among us doesn’t believe that everyone has the right to education? Around the world, regrettably, the reality is that millions of girls are denied the right to an education for a multitude of reasons including poverty, racism and exploitation. They’re also denied the right to education simply because they are female.

Avon refuses to accept gender inequality as the status quo, and for more than 130 years has worked to provide opportunities for women to earn, learn and live safe and healthy lives. And while Avon helps women around the world to succeed on their own terms, as Chair of the Avon Foundation for Women, I have the opportunity to see that the Foundation expands its mission to reach many more women and girls around the world by funding non-governmental organizations – NGOs – which support local communities.

The Avon Foundation was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women and girls. Since 2012 we’ve provided nearly $1.5m in scholarships to Avon Representatives and their families. I’m delighted that we’re now adding to this the Foundation’s recent grant of $100,000 to Malala Fund to support its efforts to advance educational opportunities for girls. Together, we’re working to break down the barriers holding women and girls back.

The Malala Fund champions every girl’s right to free, safe, quality education. The charity was established by Malala Yousafzai, the inspirational Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, whose story has struck a chord with people around the world.

This exciting new partnership builds on stand4her: Avon’s ambition to build a better world for women, through women. Both Avon and Malala Fund believe that every girl has the right to education and, together, we will work towards a world where everyone can learn and lead.

I’m lucky that as part of my work I get to meet inspirational women around the world: Representatives building their Avon businesses, colleagues at every level of the organisation, and amazing leaders from NGOs and women’s groups. It’s terrific to be adding another inspirational young woman to the Avon family. Welcome Malala!